But by the Chance of War

Richard Lyons brings his creative talents to an exploration of some of the most vexing and profound questions about war in this imaginative series of epic poems. But by the Chance of War is reminiscent of the great Greek and Roman works. Each of the four parts ranges in setting from ancient India to Colonial American, to battlefi elds of modern Europe and to a conjectured scene in the contemporary Mid East. Throughout the animated and lyrical writing, READ MORE


Francesco – The Musical

The life of Francesco told in dramatic form to enlighten and inspire persons throughout the world was first envisioned by Francesco’s creator Richard C. Leach who sought to bring the story of Francesco to life for all audiences via the musical art form. a group of renowned artists were gathered for the work of creating the finest show possible for the stage. The show was put into a format appealing to eclectic audiences, from the spiritually motivated to those interested in excellence in music and drama, to those interested in a very extraordinary human story, this show delivers over a spectrum of interests as we travel the episodes of Francesco’s life.



In 500 A.D., a DRUID priest predicts that a daughter will be born to the young LORD of FAELAIN, 20s. The daughter’s power will either produce a new day in peaceful Ireland or the discord of a storm. When DIERDRE is born, ambitious regional KING CONNOR, 20ish, attacks Faelain Castle, hoping to take the girl prisoner and possess her powers to become king of all Ireland. However, the Lord of Faelain offers a compromise: when Dierdre comes of age, she will marry Connor. The years pass and eventually the Lord of Faelain regrets the compromise. If he can possess Dierdre and her power, he can reign as king instead of Connor. To complicate matters, Dierdre is now both beautiful and strong-willed. She will do anything to be free of the arranged marriage, because she loves handsome knight ARDAN, 20ish, whom she has known since childhood. When Connor, now 40, arrives for the marriage and discovers the Lord of Faelain’s treachery, his MEN attack the castle with flaming missiles…


Coming April 2019

The DNA of Democracy — (Volume 1)

An American Poet takes a novel look at Democracy through a series of essays in “The DNA of Democracy.” The author visits upon democracy’s rare occurrences in history, from its western origins in Athens and Rome, to its long evolutional growth in England, and the utterly unique establishment of democracy in America, where the combined influences of the Amerindian’s view of life, some revolutionary old world philosophers and a generation of rebel, warrior poets wrought an unprecedented nation!


Coming 2020

Shadows of the Acropolis — (Volume 2)

As it was with the democracy of ancient Athens, America’s democracy has, over time, been subject to change, proving democracy is as fragile as it is rare. The shadows now falling over American democracy are not from obvious sources, but from age old, unsuspected ones, which tend to the creation of tyranny. Defining the causes and consequences of these changes provides the hope we may hold, to restore American democracy’s proper foundations and glories.


Faithful Revolution

This documentary series examines one of the pivotal points in history and looks at how the largest spiritual institution in the world liberated its teachings to empower its lay members to act with conscience in addressing the worlds long standing divisions. The influence of this revolution can be seen from the positive social transformations of the 1960’s, to the liberation of eastern Europe in the 1990’s… and its influence is still being felt around the globe today. Join Martin Sheen and a host of commentators to discover the origin and the ongoing dynamics of “The Faithful Revolution.”